PlayStation Network to Get GTA Vice City Tomorrow


Rockstar Games announced that the PlayStation Network will get GTA Vice City tomorrow, January 29. According to Rockstar Games, the system-selling open-world title will be available for digital download from the PlayStation Store for $9.99 starting Tuesday, January 29, 2013.

Set in the 1980’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City cast players as Tommy Vercetti, a Liberty City Mobster on an extended stay in the Miami-inspired city after a drug deal goes awry. Tommy’s story is all about him and his new (unsavory) cohorts finding those who tried to stab him in the back and to build his empire as the new kingpin of Vice City. Learn more about GTA: Vice City after the break.


Just like GTA III, GTA Vice City had players running around its open-world city stealing cars and boats. This time though, the developers added motorcycles, helicopters, and even attack choppers to the mix. New as well are purchasable properties found around the city that serve as additional hideouts. Some of the properties even had attached missions to them, which mostly had Tommy getting rid of his business competitors.

In GTA III, the protagonist Claude was a quiet, take no prisoners kind of guy. I honestly thought he was boring. Thankfully, Rockstar hired Ray Liotta to voice Tommy Vercetti; his portrayal of Vice City’s notorious protagonist is remembered as one of the best celebrity voice-overs even today.

Players could also dress up Tommy in various unlocked clothing he earns throughout the adventure. The outfits included a purple suit, a golfing attire, a Cuban gang outfit, a cop uniform, and many more. Changing clothes also helped Tommy get rid of two-star wanted levels; though he has to wear his default street clothing if he’s injured (killed) or arrested. Rockstar has since kept and expanded this feature in it’s more recent GTA games.

Rockstar recently celebrated GTA Vice City’s 10th anniversary by releasing the game onto iOS and Android devices. I’ve played the game on smartphones and they’re almost identical to the PS2 version. Please note though that the PSN release is a PS2 classic, and not an HD re-release; it’ll be the same PS2 game with no additional graphical updates.

GTA: Vice City is coming to the PlayStation Store for $9.99 on Tuesday, January 29, 2013.

(Credit: Cinema Blend)


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  1. Good memories to Vice City 🙂

    • I’m actually thinking of picking this one up for my Android phone instead. It’s got cleaner/crisper graphics, touch controls ala GTA3, and it’s Tommy Vercetti on-the-go! What’s not to like?

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