Top 5 Most Anticipated PS Vita Games of 2013


Other than a strong launch, the PlayStation Vita struggled through most of 2012. Not only did the system not have a “Must-buy” title, it was competing with smartphones, tablets, and the Nintendo 3DS with its expensive $249 price tag. Thankfully, the Vita is looking to bounce back this year with a varied lineup of games (including a highly-anticipated first-party, first person shooter) and and new apps to keep gamers coming back to Sony’s flagship handheld.

With that, let’s begin our list of the top 5 most anticipated PS Vita games of 2013!


5) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

One of the biggest titles on Sony’s Cross-Buy initiative (Buy the PS3 version, get the Vita version free) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time marks the return of Sly and his band of thieves since their PS2 adventures. Sony has said that the game worlds in Thieves in Time are much bigger in size and scope compared to the older titles. As well, Sly will be able to unlock costumes that will give him abilities like the shield, shooting arrows, and more.

In addition to his original band of thieves, players will be able to play as Sly’s ancestors and re-enact their legendary heists. One thing to note is that Sanzaru Games is stepping in for development duties while Sucker Punch is busy developing their next game. Sanzaru Games was responsible for porting and HD-fying the Sly Cooper Trilogy to the PS3 last year. We’ll see how their new game compares to Sucker Punch’s classics.


4) Guacamelee

Our most favourite PS Vita game demoed at PAX Prime last year, Guacamelee looks to bring the addictive Metroid-style action/platforming gameplay to the handheld. The protagonist Juan Aguacate can learn new combat moves as well as platforming skills that will help him get to areas that were previously inaccessible.

One of Guacamelee’s most interesting features is it’s dimension-hopping combat and platforming. There are two alternate dimensions that Juan can switch between by pressing a button. In combat, some enemies can only be defeated by switching to the correct dimension. In platforming, Juan must use his dimension switch ability to access walls to jump from and to access platforms that help him get to more locations. Oh and did I mention, it’s also got a cross-play feature with PS3? Guacamelee’s Cross-play feature will allow PS Vita players to play the co-op campaign with PS3 players.


3) Tearaway

In addition to being developed by MediaMolecule, what excites me about this new PS Vita-exclusive title is the way it uses pretty much every PS Vita feature in some way. For example, pressing on the Vita’s back touch panel will allow players to push their fingers through Tearaway’s world. Players will also be able to use the Vita’s camera to take pictures and apply those images to characters in the game. We’re super excited for Tearaway because it’s the perfect example of the potential for truly immersive and interactive games on-the-go.


2) Soul Sacrifice

Created by famed Japanese developer Keiji Inafune, (Mega Man/Dead Rising) Soul Sacrifice is perhaps one of the most anticipated Japanese-developed game for the PS Vita. Soul Sacrifice casts players as a sorcerer that can be customized with classes and abilities including magic casters, heavy melee tanks, and more. It also features four player co-operative gameplay that’s reminiscent of Monster Hunter, including huge monster enemies. The ones I’ve seen so far take up the Vita’s entire screen including a serpent-like monster with a human face (creepy) and a rock monster that destroys everything in its path.

Thankfully, the melee combat looks as stylish as it is playable; unlike Monster Hunter, Soul Sacrifice controls are much smoother and moves are a lot easier to pull off. Players can also control the camera thanks to the Vita’s second analog nub. In co-op, players can either revive their downed teammates or sacrifice them in order to execute an powerful attack that deals a lot of damage.


1) Killzone Mercenary 

Developed at Guerrilla Cambridge (Ghost Hunter and LittleBigPlanet PSP) Killzone Mercenary casts players as a mercenary that works with both the Helghast and ISA forces. The mercenary is a ruthless gun-for-hire and will take on missions that ISA and Helghast forces can’t. What’s amazing about Killzone Mercenary is it’s graphic engine; it almost looks like Killzone games on the PS3, including weather and combat effects.

Players will be able to pick their own loadouts and upgrade their weapons, equipment and items by purchasing new ones with the cash earned through each mission. It’ll also feature a fully-featured multiplayer suite that’s sure to recreate the multiplayer experience found on the PS3 titles. We’ll find out more info on Killzone Mercenary in the next week or so.

There you go, our five most anticipated games for the PS Vita coming this year. Which PS Vita games are you looking forward to?


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