Top 5 Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games of 2013


The Xbox 360 had another awesome year in 2012. Not only did the system sport excellent third-party releases like Dishonored, Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3, and Spec Ops: The Line in it’s arsenal, it also blew people away with a plethora of exclusive AAA titles that showcased the Xbox 360’s horsepower. Games like The Witcher 2, Forza Horizon, and HALO 4 looked absolutely amazing on HDTV’s. Oh and let’s not forget that Xbox Live Arcade showcased a great number of quality downloadable titles that included the million-selling Minecraft, Alan Wake: American Nightmare, and the incredibly addictive Trials Evolution.

And even though 2013 looks to be the final year before Microsoft announces/releases the oft-rumoured Xbox 720, Xbox fans can still look forward to another year full of amazing games. And with that, let us get into our top 5 most anticipated Xbox 360 games of 2013.


5) Injustice Gods Among Us

A fighting game featuring DC Characters, Injustice: Gods Among Us is developed by NetherRealm Studios (the developers behind Mortal Kombat) so how can you say no to that? Perhaps the coolest fighting game on the block this year, Injustice pits characters like Superman and Batman against villains like Lex Luthor, Bane, and even the Joker in epic one-on-one fights featuring over-the-top super moves, interactive, multi-tiered environments, and an interesting “Clash System” where players bet a a portion of their super meters in secret with the one with the most wins. If you’ve ever seen Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3’s Dragon Rush’s game of chance between two combatants, then you’ll know what to expect from Injustice’s Clash System.


4) Metro Last Light

Despite it’s technical issues and high system requirements, Metro 2033 scared the hell out of gamers looking for something different in their first person shooters. Metro Last Light looks to continue the franchise’s uncomfortably creepy atmosphere as well as to expand on the original’s core gameplay and ideas, including new new stealth mechanics (using shadows and lighting to your advantage) and more time spent in outdoor locations so be ready to collect O2 tanks for your rebreather. The biggest change comes in its shooting mechanics; Metro 2033 was infamous for it’s uneven shooting and from what we’ve seen so far, the developers have taken great care in improving the gunplay. Since ammo is scarce, expect to ration your ammunition since it’ll be used not only for your weapons but for trading currency as well.


3) Gears of War Judgement

A prequel to the Gears of War trilogy, Gears of War Judgement tells Damon Baird’s fall from grace as Emergence Day begins and the Locust take over the world. As Baird, you’ll get to lead a new squad (including a young Cole Train) with new  members including the by-the-book Sofia Hendrik and the revenge-fueled Garron Paduk. Around the third game, the Locust were pretty much just Cannon fodder, so it’s nice that the developers are bringing them back to their roots and making them a serious threat again. How freaking scary  is it to know that you’re facing a full-on assualt from an invading alien force? Just wait until you play some of the defense missions; a new mechanic in Gears of War Judgement, players will have to set up turrets and dig in deep to defend against waves of Locust hordes. It’s like Horde mode that’s included in the game’s campaign.

Developer People Can Fly also listened to fan feedback from Gears of War 3 and changed the control scheme somewhat, weapon switching is now mapped to the Y button instead of the d-pad and the left bumper serves as your grenade button. It’s much faster to change weapons which will definitely help in those tense in-your-face multiplayer gunfights. Of course, since it’s a Gears of War game, you’ll be able to play with your friends in four player campaign coop, and a fast and frantic 10-player competitive multiplayer suite.


2) BioShock Infinite

Leave it to Irrational Games to create perhaps one of the most inviting game worlds I’ve seen so far. The city of Columbia was built to serve as the world’s floating fair so you can expect a lot of zipping through the open world using the now iconic sky-lines. Add to that an ultra-refined version of BioShock’s combat mechanics including new powers and abilities (and gear) and you’ve got yourself a first-person shooter tha’ts worth it’s price. It’s also worth noting that the two main characters Booker and Elizabeth will share a bond throughout the adventure so I’d expect a character relationship that only ICO has successfully done so far. Irrational has promised that Booker will be a much deeper protagonist than the ones that came before him.

It’s also nice to know that BioShock Infinite’s world is the total opposite of Rapture; the place is teeming with life and with people living their lives on the world’s floating fair. It’s got a much more open feeling because of the massive environments and the ease of travel with the sky-lines.


1) Grand Theft Auto V

What’s not to be excited about for Grand Theft Auto V? Featuring a return to the city of Los Santos (of San Andreas fame), three playable main protagonists, and a character-switching mechanic that’s brand-new to the series, GTA V is our most anticipated game of the year. Rockstar has said that Los Santos in GTAV will be much bigger in scope and land mass than any other game that they’ve worked on in the past and will include mountains and dense forests; locations left unused (because of the setting) in GTA IV. The three new protagonists Trevor, Michael and Franklin’s stories interconnect throughout the adventure and will feature missions where the players will be able to switch between the three as they work together.

Outside of missions, you’ll be able to switch between the three freely and explore the city. There are also a lot of new side missions and even mini-games that’ll keep you occupied for a while. So far we’ve learned that players can jet ski, base-jump, play tennis, go to the gym, and even surf the internet on your character’s smartphone. Oh and after listening to fan feedback from GTA IV, Rockstar has also tweaked vehicle handling in GTA V. They’ll feel less boat-y and have feature tighter controls. The developers have also said that the combat mechanics have been improved over the fourth game. We’ll see if gunplay is almost as good as Max Payne’s when it releases later this year.

There you have it folks, our top 5 most anticipated Xbox 360 games of 2013. What games are you excited for this year? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. Can’t wait for Bioshock Infinite… 😀

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