GottaCon 2013: Day 1 – WarHammer 40K And Tabletop RPG’s


This year we wanted to go all out and cover every cool videogame, boardgame, LARPing session, and tabletop game available at GottaCon 2013. If you’re not familiar with GottaCon, the GottaCon Gaming Convention is an up-and-coming convention held once a year in my hometown of Victoria British Columbia, Canada. For Day 1, I wanted to focus on Tabletop games, specifically WarHammer 40K.

To be honest, GottaCon – Day 1 was my first time playing tabletop RPG’s. As primarily a console/PC gamer, the one Tabletop RPG that drew my attention was WarHammer 40K, most likely because I was familiar with the brand from my experience playing THQ’s WarHammer 40K: Space Marine, Dawn of War, Dawn of War II, and Kill Team. Find out more about WarHammer 40K and our first day at GottaCon after the break.


How badass do these figures look?

At the convention, it was amazing to see the amount of people that swore by Games Workshop’s most popular tabletop RPG. Fans of all ages buy and collect miniature figures (that they then assemble and paint) and use them on actual tabletop skirmishes/large-scale battles with other players. From Space Marines, Dreadnaughts, Predator Tanks, to the evil Orks, Warhammer 40K players can build their army and use it on the tabletop battlefield.

Before each battle, players set the rules and requirements for victory. These games can either be short scenarios that run for about an hour, or sets of scenarios (campaign) that can last for hours on end; even days if the scenario list is complicated. Think of WarHammer 40K’s core gameplay as a turn-based strategy game (like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fallout Tactics) and you’ll understand how the game flows. As you play, you’ll divide game time between movement, shooting, and/or assault phases. Once you complete your phases, your opponent takes their turn.


The detailed battlefields and terrain available to Tabletop RPG fans.

As for combat, it uses “line of sight” from the unit’s point of view, so for example if your marine’s line of sight lands on an Ork (or two), you can then proceed to attack. Of course, opponents can also use terrain to their advantage; the Orks within the marine’s line of sight can take cover behind available defilade (sandbags, concrete walls etc) to defend themselves. Weapon range and effectiveness is determined by distance (inches actually) using regular household rulers.

Another interesting thing about Tabletop RPG’s is that there are many games, units, and rulebooks that are based on popular sci-fi franchises. I was audience to a heated Star Wars tabletop RPG match where Rebel and Empire troops battled for control. I also saw a game based on Star Trek; with various starships battling for space supremacy.

If you’re  a fan of the WarHammer 40K universe or are into Tabletop RPG’s, you should definitely come by and get a couple of matches in at GottaCon. The gaming convention is continuing until Sunday February 3 at Pearkes Recreation Centre 3100 Tillicum Road, Victoria BC.

If you can’t make it, not to worry, here are some pics of WarHammer 40K and other Tabletop RPG’s at GottaCon.


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