Five Reasons – Why We’re Excited for God of War: Ascension


Many of us at JTM are excited for God of War: Ascension . What intrigues us about this new God of War title isn’t Kratos’ early adventures, a prequel to the entire series; no that’s something we expected. What really intrigues us is the first ever multiplayer aspect featured in Ascension. It’s a story-based multiplayer team vs. team game for up to eight players where each team ally themselves to certain gods while battling to take control of key locations. As well, we’re pretty excited to see a different side of Kratos; one that still has a bit of humanity left.

Anyway, here are five reasons why we’re excited for God of War: Ascension.

god of war ascension graphics

Just check out the detail on this Satyr Goat Captain. Phenomenal

5) It’s Even More Beautiful Than God of War 3

There’s no denying that God of War: Ascension is gorgeous and epic in scale. Just watch one of the many trailers and gameplay demos and you’ll see how much better the game looks compared to God of War 3. If you thought the characters and locations of the third game were detailed, then you haven’t seen anything yet. The more Kratos eviscerates his opponents, the more blood they spill, soaking him in red.

Kratos and his enemies actually look almost realistic. It’s eerie the amount of detail on their skin and appearance; I guess it makes all the kills more gruesome than it should.  Appreciate it or not, Sony Santa Monica even upped the amount of gore shown on-screen (if that’s even possible) as you’ll see more entrails, more chopped-off limbs, and nasty viscera that’s sure to entertain gorehound fans.

You’ll also be happy to know that the game’s locations look even more epic in scale now. Especially the large setpieces. Just wait until you’ve seen some of the environments where the boss fights take place and you’ll be blown away by the amount of detail on them.

god of war ascension multiplayer

Not only will you have to fight other players, you’ll face monsters and even bosses in multiplayer.

4) A Brand-New Multiplayer GOW Experience

Brand new to the franchise is the ability to go online and test your skills against other players. As a Spartan or Trojan warrior, you’ll pledge your alliegance to one of four gods: Hades, Ares, Zeus, and Poseidon; and each of these Gods will represent a separate class system of perks, powers, items and more. You’ll be able to upgrade your character and unlock unique weapons, armor, and skills (depending on your god) by going into battle, earning experience points, and defeating your sworn enemies.

One of the most exciting modes that God of War: Ascension offers is the “Favor of the Gods” mode. In it, Trojans and Spartans are at war, trying to earn the favour of their God and becoming the champions of Olympus; however, they don’t know that the Gods are using them as pawns to be manipulated in their own sick games. It’s a four versus four team-based game where you’ll have to control certain points, kill enemies, and unlock chests in the map to earn more favour points.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a God of War game without epic boss battles, and multiplayer is no different. As your team earns over 4000 favour points, you’ll have a chance to face and defeat certain bosses (on each multiplayer map) to secure victory.


Polyphemus – just one of the many monsters you’ll face in God of War: Ascension.

3) More Epic Boss Battles

Speaking of boss battles, God of War: Ascension’s battles are as epic as ever. You’ll be facing against mountain-sized monsters in both real-time and quick-time combat. Hell even mini-bosses are daunting; especially the Manticore. This gigantic scorpion/wolf/lion/bat hybrid is not only formidable in flight, it’s even more dangerous as it fights Kratos on the ground. Even before the final battle with the Manticore, the creature will hunt down and try to kill Kratos as you travel throughout the location.

Another boss that you’ll have to face is the deadly Charybdis. It’s the boss y0u’ll encounter right at the end of the God of War :Ascension demo. (found in the Total Recall Blu Ray) This incredibly scary monster is akin to the Kraken as it’s hidden in the deep seas and attacks Kratos using it’s gigantic tentacles. Right at the end of the demo, Kratos jumps towards the Charybdis’ gaping mouth; an image that stuck with me after I had finished the demo during my hands-on demo at PAX Prime last year.

god of war ascension combat

Kratos using the Satyr Goat Captain’s sword against him.

2) Expanded Combat System

New to the franchise is what Sony Santa Monica calls the “World Weapon System” that allows Kratos to steal and use weapons from certain enemies and use it as a sub weapon. As I played the game, I was able to use a spear, a giant broadsword, and even a hammer in addition to Kratos’ Blades of Chaos. In addition to that, I was able to tether enemies, chaining them in place with my left blade, I then used either my right blade or a sub-weapon to pummel/slash them to oblivion. In fact, I was able to tether an enemy with one blade while attacking other enemies using the other. This really quite opened up more combat opportunities and diversified the game’s fight mechanics.

In the final build, you’ll also be able to use Kratos’ new “Life Cycle” power to freeze enemies in place (or mid-air) and destroy them while they’re frozen. And last but definitely not least, you’ll be able to bash monsters faces in using your BARE HANDS. For the first time in the series, you can utilize Kratos’ hand-to-hand skills and jack some jaws in the process. There’s something menacing about Kratos’ animalistic bare-handed fighting style so each attack is impactful.

god of war ascension kratos

Ascension’s gentler Kratos; nicer but still as deadly as ever.

1) A Different Kratos

Speaking of Kratos, his prequel story story starts roughly six months after Kratos murders his family after getting power from Ares, the God of War. It’ll show a side to Kratos that has never been explored; his humanistic side. The Kratos in God of War: Ascension is a different man from God of War 1; in fact, in Ascension he’s not always angry, decides against brutality, and even minimizes collateral damage. During his adventure, Kratos faces a lot of internal demons as you see him slowly cross his moral boundaries to get even. He’s trying to figure out how to break the oath with Ares and Olympus, but how far will he go and how far will he push himself to get his revenge?

What’s not to be excited about for God of War: Ascension? With an improved graphics engine, a fully-featured multiplayer suite, more epic boss battles and expanded combat mechancis, God of War: Ascension is set to become one of the PS3 biggest games of the year. If those reasons aren’t enough to get you excited for the game, then I don’t know what else will.

Which of the God of War: Ascension’s features are you most excited for? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. One year ago, god of was ascension seemed so far away… Too long to wait.
    And now, it’s just a matter of weeks before my jaw drops.

    Gow3 was already incredible, but this version looks even more insane. Lord, its sooo good to be a ps3 owner.

    If it was possible, I would give my money today, and buy the next 10 god of war games.

    Santa Monica is amazing, really.

    I just hope there isn’t some stupid pass that locks content on the single player mode, so i can play it again, even in 2020.

    Last god of war 3, I played on an average 42″ lcd. Now, an amazing 60″ from sharp is going to display the game. I think I’m gonna shit my pants when I see kratos on it.

    Now, I start imagining what a god of war 4-5 could be, on a 3-4 times more powerful ps4, with all the new technologies, effects, lighting engine, huge and perfect textures, worlds 3 times bigger, foes and kratos with hundred thousand polygons, etc etc. Better not think about it, i could faint 🙂

    Meanwhile, there are a few million young boys, yelling at their mics while playing callzz of dutyzzz and gearssszz of warzzz and halozzzzz or forzaaaazz, the only games their beloved master gives them, year after year, along with time exclusive dlcs, thanks to some good millions $. I was forgetting skyrim , who were victims of a terrible virus: after Microsoft have paid Bethesda to have all the dlcs exclusively on the 360, as well as a bug free version, suddenly all the ps3 developers at bethesda started having huge brain and memory troubles, and they couldn’t code the ps3 dlc’s correctly. What a strange virus, isnt it?

    How can these young kids resist, and not play incredible games like gow3, on the ps3?
    The answer is : daddy already bought 4 Xboxes, after they all did a rrod, and daddy don’t want to buy another console, because all the little friendszzzz of his son are on livezzz, because they were forced to pay a gold subscription to simply play online.

    Really. damn, without trolling, it must be so sad to see all these incredible games being released on the ps3, and not be able to play them. Soo frustating, it must be.

    Well, maybe playing cod, halo and gears the whole year(s) isnt that bad, afterall 😉

    Kratos, I’m waiting for you.

    • Thankfully all of God of War: Ascension’s content will be unlocked though I’m not sure if it’ll have an online pass or not. But since this is a Sony first-party title, there’a HUGE possibility that each new game will come with a unique online pass. Just look at Unit 13, Resistance Burning Skies, and other online-enabled games on the Vita and PS3.

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