Final Fantasy X HD Still Coming to PS Vita (With Screenshots)

final fantasy x ps vita

Earlier tonight Sony showed a number of gamplay screens of Final Fantasy X HD for the PS Vita at their Sony Heaven press event in Japan. Although Sony didn’t give details on the game’s launch date, they did show images proving that the PS2 classic Final Fantasy X will be remastered in high-definition and is still coming to the PS Vita.

Find out more about Final Fantasy X in HD for the PS Vita (with more screenshots) after the break.

A lot of people (including myself) actually thought that the project was scrapped. Square-Enix originally announced FFX HD during their Tokyo Game Show press conference almost two years ago. Made in 2001, Final Fantasy X was (at that time) Squaresoft’s landmark title that truly showed the power of the PlayStation 2. 12 years later, the game is still one of the most popular Final Fantasy games, aside from Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII.

Check out these Final Fantasy X screenshots from the Sony Heaven press event:

(Source: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan)


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