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A lot of people dismiss the Xbox Live Indie storefront as a place to find cheap Minecraft knockoffs, but if you actually dig deeper, you’ll find unique and fun indie games like the Ottawa-based Going Loud Studios’ DLC quest; an 8-bit platformer that satires the game industry’s most enduring hot-topics, questionable DLC practices.

For 80 Microsoft Points (MSP), you’ll find a short but funny game with tight, platforming action and an incredibly addictive chiptune soundtrack. To be perfectly honest, I think DLC Quest is more worthy of your precious Microsoft Points compared to many of the add-on DLC’s currently available for some of the industry’s biggest games. It may be short, but I appreciated the satirical look at one of the gaming industry’s most talked-about issues.

Find out more about the Canadian-developed indie DLC Quest after the break.

dlc quest bad guy

A simple setup that starts your adventure. But first, you’ll need to buy DLC to play.

Remember those DLC’s that were actually locked disc content? How about those DLC for useless horse armor or extra costume colours? A number of companies have been in the hot seat for these questionable DLC practices and DLC Quest makes fun of these issues and sees the topic from the consumer’s perspective.

Seriously, when you start DLC Quest, the game doesn’t have audio, can’t pause, and your character doesn’t have animations; hell, he can’t even move to the left. You’ll have to buy DLC packs from the (fake) in-game DLC store to do the most basic actions. From there, you’ll be able to explore, meet useless-but-funny NPC’s, find coins, and find additional DLC packs to purchase. The thing is, in order to get past certain sections of the game, you’ll have no choice but to spend coins on DLC packs that will allow you to move forward.

Of course, this is all but an over-exaggerated view of how crazy the industry’s DLC practices have been in the past few years. But if you’ve ever found yourself complaining about the industry’s current state of DLC’s, then you’ll appreciate the jabs and jokes that DLC Quest makes at the expense of publishing/PR/Marketing communities. You’ll be able to purchase “The Most Exclusive, Shiny, Next Gen” downloadable content like Pet packs, Horse Armor pack, Time is Money pack, Zombie pack, and even the real-ending to the game ironically named “Finish The Fight pack.”

Take that HALO, Dead Space, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Mass Effect!

dlc quest double jump

You’ll have to purchase DLC (using in-game coins) in order to make progress in DLC Quest.

Core gameplay is like a simplified Metroidvania where you’ll be able to explore and collect (or in this case buy) new skills to access new locations and defeat tougher enemies. I don’t know about you, but I had a blast exploring every hidden path, every nook and cranny to find and collect the gold coins. Oh and it helped that conversing with many NPC’s resulted in many unstoppable laughing fits.

I would have to say though that my favourite part of the entire package was its absolutely addictive chiptune soundtrack. I remember, the first time I played the game’s trial on Xbox Live Indie, I couldn’t get the theme music and the song “Termosdynamik” (as featured on OZZED.Net’s 8-Bit Empire album) out of my head and was one of the reasons I had no issues purchasing the game.

dlc quest zombies

Because every game needs a Zombie Mode DLC.

Despite it’s tight controls and funny script, I was quite surprised by DLC Quest’s length. I had beaten the game and unlocked every “awardment” available in less than 30 minutes. Still, I have no problem replying this game from the beginning since it’s so damn funny, the story and characters so damn cute, and the controls so damn tight. I would definitely recommend this game if you’re on the lookout for a great indie game for your XBox 360 and PC.

You can check out the game for your PC as well on Desura and on Steam. Or you could check out Going Loud Studios’ official site for more behind-the-scenes content on DLC Quest.

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