Local Developers Need Your Help To Build Their Dream Game

oog clan caveman

Local developers need your help to build their dream game. Brain Warp Studios, co-creators of the hit Facebook game Pot Farm are currently raising funds (through Indiegogo) to build their newest game; OOG! Clan of the Caveman.

While still in it’s pre-production stage, the folks at Brain Warp Studios have said that much of OOG’s art and design work have been completed but they need funding in order to assemble a tech team to build the game and enter production phase. As well, they’re hoping raise enough funds to launch the game around summer this year.

Learn about OOG! Clan of the Caveman and its fundraising campaign after the break.

oog clan caveman gameplay

An art-heavy social game that dares to be different from other Facebook games.

What’s OOG! Clan of the Caveman you might ask? It’s an art-heavy social game in an alternate stone-age setting. You’ll hunt for big game, battle the for territory, create cave paintings and even complete challenges. The game also differs in that it’s quite important that people gift and share “Sacrificial Goats.” These goats work as game credits and are sacrificed to the gods to evolve your game and gain spirit points.

It’s also a different beast than other Facebook game projects because the developers plan to design the game in ways that go against many of its contemporary’s game design. In fact, Stephen McCallum, the Creative Director at Brain Wave Studios gave his commitment to contributors:

“Social Games on Facebook have gotten a bad rap lately. So many of the developers today have become greedy and treat their players like fat, stupid golden geese they can endlessly gouge for very little effort. At Brain Warp Studios, we want to change that.

  • If OOG! gets funded we plan to do things very differently.We will never recycle art and call it a new game item just because it’s a different colour. We won’t make you jump through hoops just to win a purple cow, then a red cow, then a blue cow. Developers need to treat their players with respect and provide real entertainment for real value.
  • We won’t charge ridiculous prices for “premium” game items.
  • We won’t set up hopeless quests with absurd timelines where you are forced to spend money to finish.
  • We won’t set up road blocks where you cannot progress in the game without spending money or enlisting a million friends before you can advance.
  • We will provide consistent and reliable customer service. You will never wait 3 days to hear from us!
  • We will alpha test the heck out of our game so that it WORKS when we launch! We don’t want to go back and fix everything on the fly while you are trying to play. It might take a little longer and it might cost a little more to launch but we think we owe it to you to launch a game that actually works.
  • We believe that if a game is truly fun to play, you will tell your friends about it and they will want to play too. The best viral tool out there is to simply build a good game! We aren’t going to prompt you every 30 seconds to add more friends.”

One of gamers’ biggest annoyances when it comes to Facebook games is getting spammed with game requests and getting prompted to add more friends; thankfully, OOG! Clan of the Caveman hopes to break away from this practice. Also, it’s great to know that local game designers are trying their best to create something that’ll be different from what we’re used to.

Interested in contributing to OOG! Clan of the Caveman? You can donate to their Indiegogo campaign and hopefully help the game get produced later this year.

While you’re there, check out Brain Wave Studios’ official site to learn more about the developers.


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