Game of Thrones – The Exhibition

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition

Have you ever watched a fantasy show and thought, “I wish I could visit that world”? Well, Game of Thrones fans, now you can visit Westeros. HBO has put together a free exhibition, which is on tour now. The first stop on the Game of Thrones – The Exhibition tour was Toronto, where I had the chance to take part in the fun.

The line-up was a little long, but I can’t really complain when the price of admission is free. Once past the velvet rope, I entered the world of Westeros; and what a world it is! Game of Thrones – The Exhibition features more than 70 artifacts from the show including costumes, props, house banners, weapons and maps from the first two seasons of the series. Eagle-eyed fans will also get a chance to see a few props from the upcoming season starting at the end of March.

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Robert and Renly Baratheon's crowns.

Robert and Renly Baratheon’s crowns.

Once inside I was exposed to the incredible detail of all the props and costumes. Swords, crowns, coins and decorative pieces in the background, things the average viewer would miss, are all built to perfection.

The scrolls characters read, even the ones that never appear on camera, are all written in distinct handwriting that screamed authenticity. The Exhibition is a well-deserved love letter to the designers and artisans who created these things.

The exhibit offers more than a museum to the Game of Thrones, it offers an interactive experience with a Battle of Blackwater Bay game. Man a station, shoot some arrows and defend the castle! The game is a little cheesy, but who cares? For a few minutes you’re on the battlefield!

Jamie Lannister's Armour

Jamie Lannister’s Armour

At the end of the exhibition is the main event, a chance to take the Iron Throne. Strike a pose and take a photo. Mine was blurry – you can blame my technologically challenged sister for that one, I do – so grab a friend with a steady hand and have some fun. Who knows when an usurper will kick you out of it?

Game of Thrones – The Exhibition will make stops in New York City, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam and Belfast. If you have the chance, I’d recommend you take the time to wander through Westeros and play the Game of Throne.

Next stop on the Game of Thrones – The Exhibition tour is New York City, March 28 to April 3. Visit the for details on the tour’s next stops.


In the meantime, check out our Game of Thrones – The Exhibition gallery below.


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