DuckTales Remastered Coming to 360, PS3 and Wii U This Summer

ducktales remastered cart

Okay, one of the biggest stories coming from PAX East is that Capcom and Disney’s DuckTales Remastered, is indeed coming to 360, PS3, and Wii U this summer. I have only good memories of playing the original DuckTales back in the early 90’s and it looks like the developers at WayForward are bringing that same respect and care for the source material; they’re taking levels and layout from the 1989 NES game and expanding on them to bring gameplay and graphics to modern gaming standards.

More on DuckTales Remastered after the break!

ducktales remastered

One thing you’ll definitely notice immediately is that developer WayForward recreated and enhanced the audio and graphical presentation with new hand-drawn characters, levels,  and enemies. Also confirmed are the voice-talent from the original TV series to be doing full voice-overs for their characters.

Oh and best of all, the soundtrack that you know and love will return (especially the moon theme) but with a modern sound. Hell, I think most of us are excited to play it partly because we’re so excited to hear the remix of the old themes. Like I know many of you are, I’m excited to guide Scrooge McDuck, explore the familiar remastered worlds, and collect treasures for his already full-yet-needs-more vault.

Oh and lets not forget the two new additions to the game including the new tutorial levels (for you young’uns who’ve never played the original) that gives you the basics on Scrooge’s pogo stick, and finally the brand-new leaderboards that will allow you to track your progress and compare it with others on the global stage.

ducktales remastered scrooge

If you’re not excited for DuckTales Remastered then you’re missing out. I know I might seem over-excited but it’s for a good reason. The game was just that damn fun; and I can’t wait for the remaster to hit digital store-shelves this summer.

Have you played DuckTales? What were your thoughts on it? And will you be picking up DuckTales Remastered?


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