Award Winning Papo & Yo Coming to Steam This April

papo & yo logo

Montreal-based Minority Media announced this week that their award-winning Papo & Yo is coming to Steam this April. Originally a PlayStation 3 exclusive, the Steam version of Papo & Yo is reported to include a number of updates, improvements, and additions for its PC release.

If you’ve been following JTM over the last year or so, you’ll notice that I’ve covered the game extensively, as Papo & Yo has (in my opinion) one of the most personal and socially relevant stories in the last few years. The game is a semi-biographical/metaphorical story of Creative Director Vander Caballero as he dealt with issues such as his father’s alcoholism and abuse. As the title alludes to, Papo & Yo deals with a not-so-good father and son relationship. Its world is a fantasy world in which Quico creates in order to escape from his traumatic past.

See what Vander had to say about Papo & Yo’s upcoming Steam release (plus screenshots of the game) after the break.

papo & yo quico monster

Quico and Monster, the protagonists of Papo & Yo.

When asked about why they decided to release Papo & Yo on Steam PC, this is what Vander had to say:

“My goal with Papo & Yo was to tell my own personal story, but in a way that anyone, whether or not they had a similar childhood, could have an emotional experience through a video game. When we started, we had no idea what would happen. But after Papo finally came out, we got so much positive feedback that we knew Minority needed to continue to bring these experiences to as many people as possible, starting with Papo coming to Steam, and beyond, through new stories in new games.”

We recently also had a long chat with Minority Media’s Vander Caballero at Games Without Frontiers and will be posting the full interview soon.

A few topics that Vander talked about during the interview:

  • How his vision of Papo & Yo began, and how he pitched the game to Sony.
  • The process in which Minority Media Inc. received funding from the Sony Pub Fund and Canada Media Fund.
  • Character and game design choices and puzzle balancing
  • Going against established game design convetions
  • Fan/critical reception and feedback

In the meantime, Papo & Yo will be released on Steam PC on April 18, 2013. Check out the game’s screens below.


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