IGDA Faces Public Resignations After GDC Party Controversy

gdc 2013 logo

Yet again, it seems like the video game industry’s taken slow step forward and two quick hops back when it comes to equality in the work place. And this time, it led to the IGDA facing public resignations of a number of their prominent industry members.

This week many game industry professionals and hopefuls are attending the largest video game professional focused event in the world: Game Developers Conference. This event, better known as GDC, features panels, workshops, networking events and in the evenings, industry sponsored parties.

Last night at the International Game Developers Association event sponsored by YetiZen, a company specializing in funding social and mobile game development, attendees were treated to more than just food and alcohol, but also scantily clad dancers. More on this story after the break.

Since then, the IDGA has released a statement with a formal apology, but the group has seen several public resignations, mostly notably veteran game designer Brenda Romero resigning as the co-chair of the IDGA Women in Games Special Interest Group and Courtney Stanton, founder of Women in Games Boston, pulling her support for the IDGA.

This comes only months after the infamous Gameloft holiday party featuring topless dancers, an event also rich in backlash.

This is surprising as GDC features many women speakers and panels focusing on equality and bringing more women into the field.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know the comment section below.


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