Paranormal’s First FREE Expansion – The Town Hits Kickstarter


You might remember a few months ago I wrote an Indie Spotlight on this first-person haunted house simulator called Paranormal; a truly scary game that cast you as an unassuming guy with a camera who decides to document the hauntings in his house. The game featured random frights and and a pervasive atmosphere that kept you on the edge throughout your stay. I love it because it’s genuinely scary and even got me screaming like a little kid (or like Pewdiepie); but I love it more because it got horror right.

Where big budget horror titles empowered you through powerful weaponry, Paranormal keeps you helpless throughout the entire game. There’s no gun that will save you, it’s up to you to survive long enough and solve the house’s mystery. Isn’t that what true horror is all about out? Check out my interview with the developer here for more info on the game.

Anyway, great news for Paranormal fans; developer Matt Cohen has just begun his Kickstarter to help back development for Paranormal’s first FREE expansion. Titled Paranormal: The Town, the expansion will act as a kind full-on new adventure (with a bigger play space) featuring a brand-new storyline, improved gameplay, and even new mechanics to spice up the scares.  More info on Paranormal: The Town and its Kickstarter after the break.

paranormal the town

Concept art of Paranormal: The Town’s Smallview Highschool.

Here’s a full rundown of features and additions coming to Paranormal: The Town

  • Brand-new storyline, characters, and protagonist
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • Open sandbox (including highschool, graveyard, streets, bar, etc.)
  • Will have connections to the original title
  • And much more.

Here’s what developer Matt Cohen had to say about developling Paranormal: The Town and of the Kickstarter:

“You’ve all made my dream come true with Paranormal. Let’s work together to make the best and most unique horror experience possible. I am forever in your debt and I would not be where I am without you all. Thank you, with all my heart. Words can not express the gratitude and appreciation I feel for all of you–fans, backers, friends, indie devs, Let’s Players, press, bundle organizers, Desura staff, beta testers, Steam, GiantBomb—every single one of you impacted my life in a way that feels like a blessing every day. It really makes long nights of game development worth it.”

The Paranormal: The Town’s Kickstarter campaign still has 54 days to go and it has already amassed over 60 backers and is halfway towards its $3,000 goal. Funds raised through the Kickstarter will help Matt acquire licenses for software, travel (for PR at PAX, GDC), advertising and voice acting fees, music, hardware, and other things that are needed to create a quality game.

Interested in backing Paranormal: The Town? Check out its Kickstarter page here.


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  1. Thanks for this article. I am always searching for horror games and I had not heard of this one yet. I can’t wait to investigate it and add it to play list.

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