Mackenzie Gray Talks Man of Steel and His Secret Role in the Film


Fans of Canadian fantasy and sci-fi shows/films definitely know the name Mackenzie Gray. From Stargate: Infinity to a memorable final season appearance in Smallville, Mackenzie has been a staple in Canadian and American productions for over 30 years.

I recently had a chance to talk to Mackenzie about his involvement with Man of Steel, Director Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot set to come out later this year. During our chat, Mackenzie talked about Superman, the detail on Man of Steel’s costume design, and even teased us about his super-secret role in the film.

Check out our full interview with Man of Steel’s Mackenzie Gray after the break.

man of steel logo

JTM Games: Hi Mackenzie, could you give us your take on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel?

Mackenzie Gray: Man of Steel is going to be an amazing film, it’s a total reboot of Superman; it’s as if there was no other Superman movies before it. It’s starting fresh with great performances in it too. Henry Cavill is an amazing Superman; Michael Shannon as General Zod is fantastic, Russel Crowe, Diane Lane, and Kevin Costner – I mean it’s an amazing cast.

I’m not allowed to say what I’m playing as, it’s a big secret so I’ll keep that one to myself. But I can say that Man of Steel is a really amazing film. I think fans of Superman and great movies are going to love it equally.

JTM Games: You’ve mentioned that it’s a super-secret role, how long did you prepare for your role in Man of Steel?

Mackenzie Gray: About a month, and then I went to Chicago to meet with Zack and to talk about the role. It wasn’t really a lot of time because the script wasn’t released yet, you had to be there to get your script. It was pretty fast, in fact, they didn’t even e-mail me the name of my role. I had to go to the set to find out.

man of steel

Starring Henry Cavill as the iconic Superman.

JTM Games: What do you think it is about Superman that has made him so memorable and loved as a superhero and an icon over the years?

Mackenzie Gray: I think he was the first superhero really, he came around in the late 30’s when the depression was on and fascism was on the rise and so he was a pure person who was a higher idea and who would keep the world from ill. I think what he represented in the 30’s and the 40’s has never left. He’s a great model for the good that people are capable of.

JTM Games: Man of Steel looks like it’s going to be a little bit of a darker movie compared to the ones that came before it. Could you talk a little bit about this change?

Mackenzie Gray: I wouldn’t say it’s darker but more hyper-realistic. Maybe it’s got a bit of a darker tone; it’s not as comical, there’s no comical villains or anything like that.  It’s a very realistic film, but with all the magic of Superman. For example, when he’s flying you’ll really believe that he’s flying and it’s really great how they did that. I really think that Man of Steel is a different take and it’s not going to be cartoonish. Zack Snyder has done such an amazing job with the film.

JTM Games: Even Superman’s costume looks more detailed and a has a sleek, modern look compared to older versions. What did you think of it?

Mackenzie Gray: Oh yeah, amount of detail on Superman is unbelievable. Superman’s costume, is a three-layer costume; there’s a body-skin layer and then there’s a muscle layer that was molded to Henry’s muscles – it’s a silver, metallic rubber – and then over that is a mesh skin so whenever he turns into light it looks like he’s made of steel.

It’s just incredible, the design of the film is fantastic. All the concepts and the designs is just remarkable and they didn’t have to build fake muscles for Henry because he’s really built.


Mackenzie was quite happy and excited to talk about Man of Steel.

JTM Games: Do you think the success of the Dark Knight trilogy led to a decision to change Superman into this hyper-realistic version to fit into that DC film universe?

Mackenzie Gray: I can’t speak for that; I know that they wanted to do the same thing they did for Batman with Superman, but also Zack Snyder is a HUGE fan of the Superman comics and of the original films so I think they want to do the character justice. I think the last Superman film was an uneven film; it had great hopes but didn’t live up to them so Man of Steel is here to reinvent the whole thing.

I think the success of Batman I’m sure gave them the confidence to do it yeah; but they’re very different films.

JTM Games: If there is a Justice League movie, would you want to be a part of it?

Mackenzie Gray: Oh absolutely! Who wouldn’t? (Laughs) Absolutely! But we’ll have to see; one movie at a time you know? But yeah I think people are going to love Man of Steel when it comes out on June 14th.

*End Interview*

Many thanks to Mackenzie for taking the time to chat with us and for sharing information on one of the biggest films this summer. Be sure to check out Man of Steel when it hits theaters on June 14, 2013.


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  1. I’m a big Marvel fan so I’ll take this movie with bit of *whatever*. I loved the Dark Knight trilogy but who wouldn’t?

    I really enjoyed the details of the Superman costume though. Seems like they put a lot of work into it so hopefully it pays off for them.

  2. I think he’s Lex personally but that might be a bit heavy handed with him having played a clone of him already in Smallville. Ah well.

  3. He’s playing Mxyzptlk…whoops let it slip sorry guys ruined the surprise

  4. He’s playing Mxyzptlk…whoops my bad let it out of the bag sorry guys ruined the surprise

  5. He’s Brainiac. Luthor must be an huger actor. Maybe an Oscar nomenee … and he could be a good android …

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