Sleeping Dogs Coming to PlayStation Plus This Month

Great news fight fans, Sleeping Dogs, one of our favourite games of 2012 is finally coming as a free download to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month. Usually Sleeping Dogs costs about $59.99 at retail and on digital download on PSN but if you’re one of the increasing number of PS Plus subscribers, you’ll be able to download the game (along with 11+ titles) free of charge.

Developed at Vancouver’s United Front Games, Sleeping Dogs casts you as as Wei Shen, a badass undercover cop straddling the line between loyalty to his criminal family and to the badge. You’ll be traversing a fully-realized and open city of Hong Kong, playing through a mature, well-written storyline, and fight using brutal hand-to-hand techniques.

More on Sleeping Dogs after the break.

As Wei Shen, you’ll have to face your own morality and code of honor. In order to stay undercover you’ll have to perform criminal acts that cross the line between lawman and criminal. And like many of Hong Kong’s cinematic gems like Triad Elections and Infernal Affairs, Sleeping Dogs’ story is full of betrayals, twists, and balls-to-the-wall action.

Speaking of action, combat is Sleeping Dogs‘ finest mechanics; you’ll be able to fight multiple opponents (Batman: Arkham City-style) using real-world martial arts maneuvers and takedowns. Also, you’ll be able to use weapons found in the environment or even use the environment itself as a weapon.

Again, Sleeping Dogs will be free to download for PS Plus subscribers starting today, May 7, 2013.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)


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