Gamers Helping To Find Cure For AIDS


Please excuse me if this is very old news, but I’d like to spotlight another fine example of the gaming community working together for a great cause. You see in late 2011, a number of gamers solved a difficult biology puzzle that could help lead to the creation of anti-HIV drugs in the future. The discovery was done through; a website hosting a puzzle-solving game that allows players to contribute to scientific studies by playing and solving long-standing scientific puzzles.

A scientific paper published around that time cited the three gamers who solved the puzzle. The solution had to do with protein from a virus that causes AIDS; a problem strain that had scientific community stumped for over 15 years.

More information about this amazing discovery after the break.

Foldit Puzzle

The miraculous thing about the discovery is that the solution found can be used in the future to design drugs that could help fight HIV and AIDS. It seems that integrating some kind of game into scientific study increases productivity and teamwork within the gaming and scientific communities, leading to faster development of solutions to viral issues that have plagued the world for decades., is a video game focused manipulating and pattern matching 3D models of protein in order to understand and predict protein structures that determines their function within the human body. The game even acts like a virtual arcade where the best players are posted on the leaderboards.

If you think you have what it takes to help out the scientific community, then by all means start playing and who knows? Maybe your high score and your solutions could potentially help mankind.

Unfolded and Unstable Puzzle

Unfolded and Unstable Puzzle

If you’re interested in joining the cause, head on over to the website and start solving puzzles for health.

(Source: CBC *Canada’s media broadcaster*)


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