About Us

JTM (Join The Movement) Games is a gaming site dedicated to championing the Canadian gaming industry, the indie game scene, and the gaming community. Consider us the voice of Canadian and indie gaming.

We’re made up of extremely passionate, knowledgeable, and hard-working writers who have a passionate interest in charity and how video games can be integrated into a beneficial, real-world context. Just like the industry we love, we never sleep and never stop evolving.

JTM Games Staff

JTM Contributing Writers

  • Walker Banerd – Reviews, Editorials
  • Kirsten Grove-White – Game Soundtracks
  • Nick Drouillard – Reviews
  • Dwayne Morash – Reviews, Editorials
  • Kyle Dark – Reviews
  • Jamie SchneiderReviews
  • Sohrab Osati – Reviews
  • Boondocks – Reviews, Culture
  • Tyana Mohamed – Entertainment, Culture

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