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Thomas Was Alone Review – A Modern Velveteen Rabbit

thomas was alone main

Thomas Was Alone is an indie puzzle platformer created by one-man development team, Mike Bithell  (with music by David Housden). In the game, the player controls a cast of colourful quadrilaterals as they venture through the computer program they were created for, seeking an escape, or at the very least, the definition of what “escape” means. As unassuming as their names – Thomas, Claire, and John for example – their simple character designs and innocent curiosity belie the fact these rectangles are in fact the first AI’s to gain consciousness, and whether they can realise it or not, their existence has forever changed the world.

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SteelSeries 7H Headset Review


“What’s that?” My fiancé asked, his eyes wide, as I pulled the attractively packaged headset out of my bag and onto my desk.

“It’s the SteelSeries 7H headset I was given to review.” I responded. “You can have it when I’m done.”

I didn’t think there was an issue with what I’d just promised. At the time, it even sounded logical: I tend to stick to single player games where a microphone isn’t necessary, whereas my fiancé never leaves the land of multiplayer. Common sense dictated that he would put it to better use. The problem was, I hadn’t even taken the headset out the box yet.

The first pang of regret came when I put it on. It was really comfortable. Strong but flexible, the headset fit itself perfectly to my narrow, child-sized head without any sign of slippage. The ear cushions hugged pleasantly around my ears to minimise background noise.

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Lessons in Prehistoric Love & Game Jams


I’ll start off this article by pre-empting your question with an answer – “Game Jam”. Usually comprised of several teams of 2 or 3 people, the Game Jam typically occurs over an intense weekend where programmers, artists, designers and coffee collaborate to build a game from scratch.

The purpose of Game Jams varies. Some are organized by big-name studios to foster the design process of their creative teams, allowing members a chance to develop their own ideas while still having access to top-of-the-line equipment. Others function on a local level, fostering the game development community, providing indie developers, students and artists alike a chance to network (provided they can bring their own computer). Read the rest of this entry

JTM Valentine’s Day Cards are Here!

Card 1

Completely forgot today was Valentine’s Day? Didn’t make that dinner reservation? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these cards from our relationship post earlier today!

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How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

Been with the same person for a while but not quite sure how to take things to the next level? Maybe it’s time you moved in together. Or started playing video games together.

Can’t decide? Our handy guide will help you determine what’s right for the two of you! (Click to enlarge.)



Which of these steps have you taken (or are looking forward to taking) with your significant other? Let us know in the comment section below!

Primal Carnage Review


From Lukewarm Media, Primal Carnage is a death-match style multiplayer game that pits dinosaurs against humans in an unnamed exotic locale (that we may or may not have first seen in 1993). When I first heard of this game, it was hard not to picture a group of humans quickly being eviscerated by their larger, pointier-toothed enemies. It was even harder not to picture everyone immediately jumping onto Team Dinosaur, because let’s be honest, who hasn’t dreamed of one day becoming a raptor?

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Best of 2012 – Brooke’s Top Five Games of the Year


Spec Ops: The Line is one of Brooke’s favourite games of 2012. What else did she like this year? Find out!

It’s already day 4 of the JTM team’s “Best of the Year” week. So far we’ve seen Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3, Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed 3, and The Walking Dead coming up on everyone’s lists. Continuing with our JTM Top Five’s, up next is staff writer Brooke F. with her picks for the five best games of the year. (In no particular order – Brooke)

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Tiny Troopers Review (PC)

If Tiny Troopers sounds familiar, it may be because it’s already on your iPhone. The popular mobile game from Kukouri Mobile Entertainment  has finally made the jump to PC. Sound strange? Maybe, but being an RTS based off of old favourites like Cannon Fodder and Commandos, perhaps it’s only fitting that this RTS has made a trip to its motherland.

Players control a squad of soldiers who can shoot their way through 30 different missions in enemy territory – ranging from taking out hostiles to rescuing hostages to escorting journalists.  While firepower might seem like the central mechanic to the game, it’s not.  In true RTS fashion, firepower is only a result – the true path to success is managing your resources, or in this case specifically, Command Points.

Players are allotted CPs for killing enemy soldiers, or finding collectable objects within levels. These points can then be used at the beginning of each mission to prep your squad with weapon and defensive upgrades, as well as to purchase additional members for your squad. There are also options for buying extra help mid-mission as well – be it airstrikes, ammo, or health. Read the rest of this entry

The Reasons I am a PC Gamer

Even the most rational of people can get cult-like when it comes to something they like. Passionate loyalty will strike in the most surprising of places. An unwitting mention of yogurt in my group of friends launches a sermon of jubilant fervor to the bacterial cultures.

Greek yogurt! Mother of Stamos, it will change you!

As strong as my love for yogurt is, it pales in comparison to the sheer force of zealot-like will  in the console/pc wars.  Gamers aren’t a group known for restrained enthusiasm when it comes to the tools of their trade. As the sole pc reviewer on a site of console knuckle draggers, it was inevitable that article like this would pop up. In fact, I think it’s a legal requirement of all gaming blogs to address this issue. Read the rest of this entry

Finding Relationship Stability – in Borderlands

Two years ago, I made the decision to move to another city to study video game design.  It meant leaving behind my  long-time boyfriend while I delved into art and game engines and yelled at my computer for the next 48 months. For a while, there was talk over whether he would make the journey with me, but in the end, cheaper rent, his own, stable employment and the idea we would likely have to uproot to yet another part of Canada or even the US after graduating cemented the fact that we were temporarily no longer going to be a same-city couple.

Becoming long-distance shifted our partnership to a strange place mirroring the beginning of a relationship. Visits turned us from semi-functional adults to artificially well-behaved individuals, eager to please. Our world was a rosy haze of bonding hormones.  We were in a limbo of first dates, and that disturbed both of us. The lack of the existence of a comfortable ordinary together became a nagging reminder of our distance.

Fortunately, there was one thing  we could still do together that managed to remain typical and that was play Borderlands.  Here, we found our “normal” again,  running through caves and deserts, blasting the heads off our enemies. We cavorted, we competed, we encouraged each other, and we picked up a lot of guns. Read the rest of this entry