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The Gottacon Journals: Tips on Getting into the local Video Game Industry & its Future

The local video game scene of Victoria, British Columbia is the spotlight at this year’s Gottacon show. This event was originally held in the G.R. Pearkes Recreation Center out by Tillicum Mall and after five successful years, it made the move to the Victoria Conference Center. This was done in partnership with the City of Victoria and the Victoria Video Game CEO Alliance to help give the show the ability to expand into better digs without show attendees expressing the feeling that they are being stuck into a sardine can.

Anyone with even a small interest in the gaming culture will find something new to try or learn how to get into this wide and varied industry. Whether that is board games, card games, scale model battles, video or role-playing, there will be some product to sample ot people to talk to. Not everyone will want to invest into a $75 game right away, and this show is the best way to try a new game — board or video — out. The bonus for the experienced is to participate in tournaments for some cool prizes.

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Packing for PAX – The JTM Games PAX Survival Kit

PAX Prime is nearly here and some dedicated developers are already in Seattle, setting up or hitting up PAX Dev. For those new to PAX and the convention scene we at JTM have put together a handy list of the basics you should be bringing.

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GottaCon 2012 Interview (Part 2)

As promised, here’s part two of our interview with Evan Hatch, one of the organizing partners on the upcoming GottaCon 2012 Gaming Convention.

JTM Games: If a business or a vendor wants to get involved with GottaCon, how would they go about doing that?

Evan Hatch: If a business is interested in either attending and promoting their product or just supporting the event through sponsorship, they would contact myself or Carson (Upton); we’re the two owners. Probably contact me via email:  And we have an information package on both exhibitor booths as well as sponsorship. Read the rest of this entry

GottaCon 2012 Interview (Part 1)

GottaCon 2012 Interview (Part 1)

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the GottaCon Gaming Convention is an up-and-coming convention held once a year in Victoria British Columbia, Canada. The convention runs 24 hours a day for three days. With contests, tournaments, developer demonstrations, and thousands of gamers attending, GottaCon 2012 is starting to look like one of the biggest Canadian gaming conventions this year.

We had a chance to chat with Evan Hatch, one of GottaCon’s organizing heads during Cherry Bomb Toys‘ “8th Annual Hobby and Toy Fair” where we discussed GottaCon’s beginnings, its trials and tribulations, as well as its upcoming 4th annual show. We asked him why the convention is important to BC, and to Canada; and why gamers should pay attention to this BC-born gaming convention.

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The Nerd Explosion #3 – 7th Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair (With Pics and Video)

Here at JTM Games, video games arent the only things that we go crazy for. Comics, graphic novels, movies, action figures, you name it, we probably love it.

I’m sure you guys have some kind of hobby that you’re absolutely bonkers for. And that’s why the guys at Cherry Bomb Toys have kindly organized the Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair in Victoria, BC Canada. Read the rest of this entry