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From Minecraft to Youtube with Cyber-Seniors, A Look Behind the Scenes

The documentary Cyber-Seniors is getting special sneak previews at film festivals around the world, and at the Victoria Film Festival, it screened February 11 and the 15th. And on May 2, it will be making its theatrical premiere.

Saffron Cassiday

For the young actress turned director, Saffron Cassaday, this film marks her debut. Many stories are intertwined here: from explaining the origins of what the film title is about — an education program that started in Toronto for showing seniors how to use a computer to effectively communicate — to what these people can do with it, there is even a personal note added to this film.

When Saffron’s sister, Macaulee, and grandfather were diagnosed with cancer during production, that did not bring making this film to halt. Their journey is also chronicled. Having started two years ago, the teaching program called Cyber-Seniors was well underway. When medical issues only showed how effective online communication works for two very close family members, the ties that bind are expressed online too. But that should not stop people from meeting for real.
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Link Roundup for September 3rd: Minecraft meets Mass Effect, See if your industry job is in danger, Games that should’ve been longer, and more…


Link Roundup is a collection of links from gaming (and non-gaming) sites all over the internet we hope will spark discussion, keep you informed and up-to-date, and broaden your gaming horizons. It will publish each Tuesday and Friday. Readers are encouraged to send link suggestions to

In today’s “strange but oddly appropriate” news, you will soon be able to play a mash up of Mass Effect and Minecraft.

I recommend watching the trailer for Mew-Genics, the new game from Super Meat Boy creators Team Meat.

A new site tracks game industry layoffs.

It’s often said that if the worst thing you can say about a game is that it’s too short, it’s probably a pretty good game. Having said that, here’s a list of 10 games that probably should’ve been longer.

Can politically focused games change public sentiment?

Be sure to cast your vote in GameSpot’s best series of the decade poll.

GameInformer spent Labour Day commendably saluting a number of excellent game developers.

The Top iOS Games That Should Be On The PlayStation Vita

The Vita’s been out for a few months now and with it came a slew of good games. (Note that I said good, not great.) Aside from UnchartedSuper Stardust, and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, I haven’t even touched my other Vita titles. In fact, as bad as it sounds, my PlayStation Vita has actually been gathering dust in the corner because of the lack of games that keep me coming back to the system.

These days I travel a lot, and I actually find myself playing portable games on my iPod Touch more often than the Vita. Why? Because the games available on the iOS are truly built for on-the-go gaming; they’re cheaper and they’re actually a lot more fun. Sure the touch-screen controls can be hit or miss, but it’s the gameplay, creativity (or fun factor), and the lower price-point that keep me coming back for more.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of iOS games that I would love to play on the PlayStation Vita. Read the rest of this entry