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Weighing in on Nintendo’s latest Two Dimensional Offering


Nintendo enthusiasts now have a menu of portable hardware options to choose from: they can go 2D, 3D or XL. Each unit has their pros and cons, but as for whether or not their newest unit, the 2DS, will fly hinges on the upcoming Christmas shopping season. Read the rest of this entry


Festive Videogame Music To Go With Your Holidays


Image Credit: Pakkun96 From Deviantart

Written By: Kirsten Grove White

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve got two festive remixes for you to enjoy.

First up is our more introspective piece, Carol of the Final Fantasy Belles, arranged by Jay Epperhart. I first ran across this arrangement many years ago, back when I was too unskilled to even play it. For that reason, I didn’t like it. I forgot about it for a few years, and then ran across it again when preparing a playlist of background music for when I had company this season. Giving it another listen (and another attempt at performing it), I can see now that it’s actually quite a sophisticated piece. Read the rest of this entry