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[Victoria, BC] Fan Favourites Opens with Retro Gaming in Mind


(This article is republished from Otaku No Culture, a blog that looks the pop culture scene of the Pacific Northwest.)

760 Yates St.
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 590-1202

Retro video gamers will be a go-go for Fan Favourites, a new video games and movie store located in Millie’s Lane in Victoria, British Columbia. That’s an alleyway located beside the Odeon Theatre, where a “second nerd row” may well be developing in this garden city. This store is tucked between Chef’s Quest, a D&D themed diner, and Dragon Impact, a Martial Art Equipment & Supply store. Read the rest of this entry


Buy New Games, Play To Win

Photo Courtesy of: The Chronicle

Buy New, Play to Win

By: Lee Guille

Step into any store dedicated to selling games for the latest release and you’re usually given two options, buy new or pick up a used copy for a few bucks cheaper.

Personally, I hate buying used games. Shelling out the extra three or four dollars to support my favourite studio and get a product that’s guaranteed to work generally isn’t something I’m going to lose sleep over. But I like having the options. Read the rest of this entry

Online Passes: Good or Bad for the Gaming Industry?


Online Passes: Good or Bad for the Gaming Industry?

Companies like Gamestop, Futureshop and Best Buy make a lot of money selling used games. And because once a person trades or sells their game to Gamestop or the other stores, the company owns the title, and reserves the right to sell them;  all proceeds going directly to Gamestop while none go to the game’s developer or publisher.

Therein lies the problem for said publishers and developers. Read the rest of this entry