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[Victoria, BC] Gotta what? Gottacon Pre-Registration is Open for 2014!

Gottacon Logo

Practically five years in the making, Gottacon is making the leap to become a fully realized convention for gamers and the public alike. This event will now take place at the Victoria Conference Center, running from February 28th to March 2 and pre-registration is open.

This event is for the gamer in us all. People can sign up to play in cards tournaments like Magic the Gathering, miniature battles with Game Workshop’s Warhammer or video games à la Starcraft. The fees pay for the rental of the hall space and prizes. But there are free games to try out too. Whether that is with board games like CLUE, role-playing in the fantastic realms of Dungeons and Dragons, this show has it all. This news is particularly exciting for the local gaming community and this author has seen this event grow from its humble beginnings (behind the scenes and in front of) by simply catering to the dedicated gamer crowd than to make it a side-show attraction.

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Playing in Other Worlds – In Defence of Fan-fiction

assassins creed fanfiction

I hereby give readers license to point at me, laugh, and yell “NERD!” in public.

In the last couple years I’ve made a massive leap into geekdom. Part of this comes from exploring potential markets and different ways to get words down on a page. The scary admission is as someone who’s attempting to build a career writing fiction, I’ll admit I’ve dumped a fair chunk of  time writing fan-fiction. 

Now I’ve heard fellow creative writing, journalism, and English lit students and grads sneer at the practice of writing fan fiction. And in some ways they’re right to sneer. Fan-fiction is often poorly written, full of Mary-Sue-dom, and derivative of the work on which it is based. However, there are some professional applications. Keep in mind I’m not delving into crossovers or slash-fic. Those are entirely different cans of worms. Read the rest of this entry

How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

Been with the same person for a while but not quite sure how to take things to the next level? Maybe it’s time you moved in together. Or started playing video games together.

Can’t decide? Our handy guide will help you determine what’s right for the two of you! (Click to enlarge.)



Which of these steps have you taken (or are looking forward to taking) with your significant other? Let us know in the comment section below!

Contest – Win A Copy Of Metro 2033 For Steam PC


*This Contest is now closed; Our winner for the Metro 2033 code is GJ McGhie!*

Metro Last Light, one of our most anticipated games of 2013 is set to release this March. Metro 2033, the first in the franchise was an underrated classic and many unfortunately missed out on it. Metro 2033 is a first-person survival horror shooter that casts players as Artyom, a nuclear armageddon survivor on a quest to save the remaining humans from the monstrous Dark Ones.

Sounds great right? Lucky for you, we are giving away a copy of Metro 2033 (PC) to one lucky subscriber!

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Five Reasons – Why We’re Excited for Grand Theft Auto V


Ever since finishing GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City, I’d been craving for more open-world games with engaging characters and a finely crafted story. I found it in last year’s Sleeping Dogs with its relatable protagonist, brutal combat mechanics, and a deep story. However, as much as I loved Sleeping Dogs, Grand Theft Auto it is not. There’s something about Rockstar-created worlds that keep you coming back for more. Perhaps it’s the unique and crazy characters you meet, or the fact that you can raise as much hell as you want whenever you’re having a bad day. So like you, most of us here at JTM can’t wait to get our hands on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V.

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Rumor – Epic Mickey Developer Reportedly Closing This Year?


Rumors are abound saying that Junction Point Studios, the developer of the Epic Mickey franchise is reportedly closing this year. However, the original source has now said that their original tweet was based on news from, and that the original tweeter had no inside information on the studio’s status.

The rumors of the studio closing began when Chris Roberts (Of Robert Space Industries) tweeted “Fare-the-well Junction Point! We hope that you all find new studios soon!” onto his personal account. The Tweet has since been deleted. After further investigation, we uncovered that Roberts’ tweet was actually based on news posted on where the story itself said:

“There’s no indication why the studio is closing down, but it’s thought that poor sales of Disney’s Epic Mickey: The Power of Two have something to do with it.”

The article itself quoted/linked Chris Robert’s original tweet as its source so I think it’s just a misunderstanding. We’ll stick with the story and keep you guys updated once we find out more. There hasn’t been any official statement from Disney Interactive so for now, let’s keep our heads up and hope that Junction Point Studios will stay open.


Capcom Finally Confirms Resident Evil Revelations For PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U


Earlier today, Capcom finally confirmed that Resident Evil Revelations is indeed coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Once a Nintendo 3DS-exclusive title, RE Revelations will be available through retail and through digital download.

Taking place between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil Revelations casts players as either Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield (along with each of their partners) as they try to solve solve the mystery within the abandoned Crusie Ship Queen Zeonbia. Resident Evil Revelations achieved critical acclaim for its return to the roots of the franchise; namely a focus on building tension and horror throughout the adventure.

Learn more about Resident Evil Revelations and check out the screenshots after the break.

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Growing With Timocco: Helping Children Overcome Disabilities Through Gaming


One facet of the game industry – and game development – that always fascinated me was the sector that adapts videogame technologies and trends to improve health research. You would be surprised to learn that research firms and organizations around the world devote time, resources, and manpower creating software and hardware that can help children with cognitive and motor function to cope with their daily challenges.

One such organization is Timocco, whose game “Growing With Timocco” employs motion-based control (not unlike Sony’s PlayStation Move) to help children develop learning and motor skills. Unfortunately with traditional therapy, some children may face frustration when they’re faced with slower progress; Growing with Timocco engages the children in a fun and interactive way while challenging them with games that focus on improving their personal abilities.

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Best of 2012 – Joe’s Top Five Games of the Year


Mass Effect 3 is number five on Joe’s list? What games did he put in his “Best of the Year” list?

Can you believe it? It’s already day 3 of the JTM team’s “Best of the Year” week. So far we’ve seen Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3, Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed 3, and The Walking Dead coming up on everyone’s lists. Continuing with our JTM Top Five’s, up next is veteran Joe T. with his picks for the five best games of 2012.

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Forgotten Treasures – Freedom Fighters


Available for: Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, PC

People who loved THQ’s more recent first person shooter Homefront will definitely find a home in the forgotten classic Freedom Fighters.

If the Action motion picture classic Red Dawn had a video game, Freedom Fighters would be it. Published by EA Games way back in 2003, Freedom Fighters was a squad shooter that tasked the player in building a guerrilla fighting army to fight and help liberate New York from an invading Soviet Union. The game is designed to be easily accessible and fun, yet it can also be challenging enough that it keeps you going until the very end. Read the rest of this entry