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The Gottacon Journals: Tips on Getting into the local Video Game Industry & its Future

The local video game scene of Victoria, British Columbia is the spotlight at this year’s Gottacon show. This event was originally held in the G.R. Pearkes Recreation Center out by Tillicum Mall and after five successful years, it made the move to the Victoria Conference Center. This was done in partnership with the City of Victoria and the Victoria Video Game CEO Alliance to help give the show the ability to expand into better digs without show attendees expressing the feeling that they are being stuck into a sardine can.

Anyone with even a small interest in the gaming culture will find something new to try or learn how to get into this wide and varied industry. Whether that is board games, card games, scale model battles, video or role-playing, there will be some product to sample ot people to talk to. Not everyone will want to invest into a $75 game right away, and this show is the best way to try a new game — board or video — out. The bonus for the experienced is to participate in tournaments for some cool prizes.

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Three Reasons Why The Canadian Videogame Industry Is Third Largest In The World

Did you know that next to the the ol’ US of A and Japan, Canada is third largest leading international player in the video game industry. With the country’s gaming sector generating billions of dollars per year in revenue, it’s no secret that Canada is quickly becoming the country of choice for publishers to open new development studios and to develop their latest and greatest games.

Did you also know that many of your favorite AAA-titles were developed in Canada? For example, The Assassin’s Creed series have been developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The upcoming Sleeping Dogs is being developed by Vancouver-based United Front Games. The award-winning Deus Ex: Human Revolution was developed by Eidos Montreal; and oh yeah most of the past Need For Speed games were developed in by EA in Vancouver.

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