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Weighing in on Nintendo’s latest Two Dimensional Offering


Nintendo enthusiasts now have a menu of portable hardware options to choose from: they can go 2D, 3D or XL. Each unit has their pros and cons, but as for whether or not their newest unit, the 2DS, will fly hinges on the upcoming Christmas shopping season. Read the rest of this entry


Resident Evil Revelations Will Feature More Characters, Modes, and Enemies

re revelations rachel

As if the game wasn’t feature-packed enough, Capcom announced earlier this week that Resident Evil Revelations will feature more characters, modes, and enemies than originally thought. As well, there will be new unique features exclusive to the Wii-U version when it releases in May.

First of the new additions is a newcomer to the Resident Evil franchise; Rachel is going to be a playable character in Raid Mode along with Hunk. Those of you lucky buggers who are heading off to PAX EAST (I’m looking at you Twinfinite Crew!) will be able to try out both Hunk and Rachel at Capcom’s booth at the event. More on Resident Evil Revelations’ new features after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Top Three Wii U Games Coming in 2013


If you were lucky enough to have received a Wii U this holiday season, you’ll no doubt be busy getting to grips with one or more of the great Wii U games that were launched with the system back in November. But what about next year? What titles should you look out for that will make the most of Wii U and its GamePad?

Check out the top three Wii U Games you should look for in 2013 after the break. Read the rest of this entry

The Worrying Wii U

My worries are not so much about the Wii U as they are brought about by the Wii U.

You may have heard that the Wii U launched last week. I have to admit to being a bit baffled by the thing. I want to believe that the Wii U is yet another notch in Nintendo’s creative belt and not what I fear: a lazy, opportunistic cash grab. As it stands the Wii U has me puzzled.

I see its appeal; a new Nintendo console means a slew of new first-party Nintendo games: The Legend of Zelda, Mario Galaxy (U-niverse, maybe?), Metroid, etc… will surely be released over the next few years to stellar reviews. (And just might even be enough to convince me to buy the damn thing.) Let’s flashback to 2006: the Wii launched and everyone and their mother could see its appeal. In fact, it’s precisely because everyone’s mother — and father, and uncle, and grandma, and little brother — saw its appeal that it became such a mind-boggling success.

Read on after the break.

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Capcom Releases Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Information and Screenshots at TGS

Recently, Capcom released a ton of info as well as a number of oh-so-beautiful screenshots for their upcoming Wii and 3DS game Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at TGS. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate takes advantage of both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS’ unique inputs to allow players to experience the familiar hunt in new and immersive ways.

For example, players will be able to use the touch screen functionality on both systems to read through in-game books, choose weapons with ease, browse their field maps during battle, and even play unique mini-games. The game also recieved a nice graphical update making the once stunning game even more of a beauty to look at.

Learn more about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (and check out the screenshots) after the break. Read the rest of this entry